2022 Toronto Municipal election

By now, everyone must know who they are voting for in terms of Mayor and councillor candidate. What about trustees?

First, let me clarify a question that seemed to baffle many. This (andrei.zodian.net) is my blog, more or less permanent, even though I do not update it regularly. I plan to blog about politics, though not only. My voting website is 2022.vote.andrei.zodian.net or vote.andrei.zodian.net and I will take it (the voting website) down once the campaign is over, to comply with existing prohibitions of “campaigning outside the campaign period” – or at least, that is how I understand the lawscreenshot of received text message.

I obviously think I am the best candidate in Ward 10 for Toronto City Council and have provided my thoughts on the Mayor in my response to a voter.

But what about the trustees? I will vote for the public (English) trustees.

I had the chance to meet a trustee (Alexis Dawson) at a presentation for kids, where I suspect she was the only trustee candidate invited. I think she was also connected to Ausma Malik’s campaign. She seemed like a very nice person and due to her NDP support, she is highly likely to win. Still, given my experience with NDP unresponsiveness in the provincial election, I want to look only at the other candidates.

Of the trustee candidates, only 3 others, for a total of 4 including Alexis, had some contact information:

Mr DeMichele stands out not only by having a phone number and social media contacts listed, but also by having purchased his own domain name, while the other two candidates have non-personalized (without a favicon or domain name) Google Sites. However, he is very much focused on Davenport and one of his sentences does not have a predicate, which is arguably not a mistake but rather a stylistic choice (though I think public schools teach you not to make it).

Mr Anderson recommends himself as an “educator” with TDSB and a member of his condo board while Mr Tiwari is MBA “key member” of Canadian Blood Services.

I have asked them all their view on semi-Direct Democracy and will update with their response.

Sources / More info: myvote


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