I started this blog (together with my Twitter, Instagram, Youtube channel and Facebook page - all linked in the sidebar on the left) when I ran for the office of City Councillor in Toronto Ward10. My “quickest” profile has 6 questions answered mostly in 10 words each.

The most unique and, to me, important part of my candidacy is DIRECT DEMOCRACY, which empowers voters in-between elections, combats corruption and increases prosperity.

Since I would be following strictly as much as possible what my constituents want me to do, my personal views and ideas are less relevant. Nonetheless, I have clear ideas and strong opinions and completed quite a number of comparison questionnaires which synthesize my views. Another important idea refers to cheap high-speed Internet in our ward and blanket Wi-Fi coverage.

If you are looking for photos or are interested in what I look like, you can find it in /photos. You can also find more photos and videos with me in my Instagram account, as listed in my social media accounts.

If you would like to donate, please click to visit that page, and if you want to volunteer please go straight to my contact form.

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