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Having just answered another question posed via my contact form and having learned about what may be a significant ethical lapse on the part of a "chocolate charity" - chority? - I have decided to award my last remaining such chocolate to the person asking the best question through the aforementioned form. I had no idea about any of the issues with this charity when I purchased it.

The WE sticker I placed on my laptop

For the second part of my answer, I have just learned about a charity being accused of some unethical entanglements (tweet). It’s a “chocolate that gives food/healthcare etc” and I had purchased three to give away to others, but I could not resist the temptation and already ate one and a half. I’m like the kid in Once Upon A Time.. when it comes to sweets and especially chocolate.

I bought the chocolates at the Loblaws in our ward, at Portland and Queen, where I do quite a bit of shopping.

I have first learned of Canadaland when I borrowed founder Jesse Brown’s book (links below) and read it on my phone through Overdrive, found it hilarious and remarkably truthful, which is why I searched for their website and podcasts and continued to be pleasantly surprised. Although I haven’t carefully read their article, nor have I checked all their claims, I am thusly inclined to believe it to be true.

I do not know if this particular chocolate was made using child labor, but even if it were, throwing it away now would now undo what was done. Nor would removing the sticker from my laptop cover: I keep all these stickers not as endorsements but rather for protection from scratches and blemishes. Besides, my laptop was damaged in an MVA and not working too well. In short, this chocolate is best given away and soon, before I give in the temptation and consume it.

While I can still give the chocolate to my friend, I now feel compelled to explain all these circumstances, which I cannot verify and takes away from the pleasure of giving, and makes it simpler to just give it away on my blog to someone asking a question on my contact form. I do not wish to be accused of bribing voters with a chocolate, so, as there are already a bunch of campaign rules, I am adding a few rules.

  1. The winner will be chosen by me on October 23 using either a random pick or a subjective appreciation of “best question” or “most pertinent criticism”.
  2. The chocolate will be delivered by me personally to the winner before November 1, in an evening between 6-7pm, unless the winner has indicated a different time of availability in the form answer. If I the winner is not available, I will drop it off in their mailbox.
  3. Only questions from people who have provided their address (within Ward 10) will be considered.
  4. You do not have to be a registered voter or even to have voted to qualify, just ask a “civic” question (or provide a criticism) related to Ward 10 Fort-York Spadina, my candidacy or my blog and provide an address within Ward 10.
  5. The chocolate packaging is sealed, labeled with a “mfd” date of 03/2018 and “best by” date of 09/2019. I am keeping it in the fridge.
  6. I make no warranty of any kind. To the best of my knowledge, this does not violate any campaign rules, but I reserve the right to cancel it if I learn that it does and that by cancelling it I undo any possible ethics violation.

Please, take this chocolate and eat it as if the Canadaland report does not apply! :)

Sources / More info: cndlnd-kielburger, insta, TPL, online,


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