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vertical business card with Andrei Zodian's vcard featuring photo in the middle and belowAlthough I have in the past written about our Ward 10 (Spadina - Fort York), my answers to questionnaires / neighbours (click questions) and even a quick platform, I know that most people would rather see it in a simple, condensed form.

Direct Democracy

Switzerland has long ago implemented semi-Direct Democracy at municipal, canton (provincial) as well as federal level. In this implementation, voters still elect a representative but retain power in-between elections. Swiss voters vote about 4 times per year.

Online Voting

Estonia and other similarly-sized jurisdictions have long ago successfully implemented it, increasing voter participation as Ontario experiments showed and it making democracy more resilient to pandemic lockdowns.

Blanket Wi-Fi Coverage

There are many cities that offer this to their citizens and it is particularly important in Canada, where the oligopolistic market has produced the most expensive service in the OECD. John Tory's former roles as Rogers CEO and his ongoing entanglement with that corporation has made accomplishing this difficult in the past.

Parking fines proportional to vehicle value

Countries such as Switzerland and Finland have traffic fines proportional to income. This ensures that rich people do not take a calculated risk to break traffic laws and such measures increase road safety.

Free TTC off-peak hours

Post-pandemic fears have made people reluctant to return to TTC and traffic is getting worse in the entire city, but especially in our ward. Germany and other jurisdictions are actively encouraging people to return to public transportation through financial incentives and it is about time Toronto does the same.

Emergency Shelter Sleeping Pods in Government Buildings

There isn't sufficient green space and parks downtown and many of those camping there have nowhere else to go. Creating a safe and cheap to administer alternative should buy time while longer-term solutions are being worked on. I hold Vienna and Singapore as viable models for longer term affordable housing solutions.

COVID and freedom

I am fully vaccinated and boosted, but I do not support restricting the freedoms of those who can't or won't get vaccinated.

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